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​When I work with photographic film I am reminded that its capacity to preserve a moment in time can transmit a sense of the eternal, no matter how fleeting that is. Undas refers to the Days of the Dead celebrations in the Philippines and is one of the most important holidays in the nation because it is an opportunity to solemnly commune with departed loved ones.

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Basement Workshop Legacy Project

Basement Workshop was established in 1971 as the first Asian American nonprofit in New York City and the East Coast. Its four original programs served as a seminal training ground that resulted in the creation of The Museum of the Chinese in the Americas, Asian Cinevision, Asian American Writers Workshop, Asian America Arts Centre, Asian American Dance Company, the Morita Dance Company and the Asian American Arts Alliance. 

We are a group of progressive artists that will replicate Basement Workshop’s training and projects through connecting BW alums with young people in our communities.

Project |03


ComplexCity Education simplifies English Language Arts in a complex world by creating timely and engaging content for students from Grades 3-12. 

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