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October 26: AGAIN/ST: A Night of Queer (N)e(u)rotica

Friday, Oct 26, (7:30 P – 9:00 PM): AGAIN/ST.: A Night of Queer (N)e(u)rotica

@Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

DIRECTIONS: R/W to 8th Street Station. Then a 5 min walk. 6/B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette Street / Bleecker Street Station. Then a 6 min walk.

A/B/C/D to West 4th Street Washington Sq Station. Then a 10 min walk.

Join us for the first night of AGAIN/ST, a series of performances and readings by neurodivergent queers, featuring poetry and a drag performance by the one and only Miss Thing! As new identitarian labels become co-opted and weaponized in the very same breaths that they are conceived, can we find ways to articulate and embrace our non-normative identities while resisting all forms of pathology (and apology)? Can the reclamation-reification binary ever convey the oscillatory and ionized state that neurodiverse and disabled queers, particularly trans POC, find themselves in? Come for the hot single queers, stay for the vegan raspberry tarts and Discourse™. Readers/performers include: Dan Schapiro, Mel Elberg, connie mae oliver, Irene Villaseñor, Zamaan Hashmi, Eleonor Botoman, and Miss Thing.

Reader/performer bios: Dan Schapiro, the frenetic Piscean organizer of AGAIN/ST, is a neuroqueer poet studying at Columbia & working at the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project. He has v bushy eyebrows that are probably furled rn. Mel Elberg is a homosexual poet interested in speculative feminisms and the effect of writing on our experience of time. She is from the Bay, and lives in Brooklyn. connie mae oliver’s book of poems about nuclear disarmament, “cosmos a personal voyage by carl sagan ann druyan steven soter and me” was published by the operating system in 2017. she is currently finishing a manuscript about color photography and miami dade county. she is the editor of FEELINGS journal, was born in venezuela & lives in new york. Irene Villaseñor is pursuing an MFA in Art Writing and Art Criticism at the School of Visual Arts to work on a manuscript about contemporary Indigenous art. Her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, VIDA: Women in Literary Art, Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color, and Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought. She was recently interviewed for the book It's Not About Grit: Trauma, Inequity and the Power of Transformative Teaching by Steve Goodman. Irene was part of the team at American Documentary | P.O.V. that received a MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. She's also received the Catalog for Giving’s Urban Hero Award and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice’s Women We Love, Women We Honor Award. Irene is currently developing an artist book project on Filipinx identity and is an editor at Mortar Magazine. Zamaan Hashmi is a college student originally from Minnesota. He’s studying engineering despite his wide emotional bandwidth. He also writes mystical poetry indebted to pop music, sports, and Toni Morrison. Eleonor Botoman is currently a student in Barnard College. Her work has appeared in Artforum, Unlost Journal, the Sunlight Press, The Mantle, Interiors Journal, Double Exposure, Echoes, and Bust Magazine. She also serves on the editorial board of 4x4 Magazine and the Journal of Art Criticism. You can find her weekly newsletter, "Screenshot Reliquary," in your inbox. Miss Thing (@misssthinggg on instagram) is a queer (he/they/she) latinx jewish pisces crossdresser for coin, oscillating wildly between New York and Pennsylvania. Notes & Policies: ~ We want AGAIN/ST to be as welcoming and safe as possible. No forms of harassment, discrimination, or shaming will be tolerated at AGAIN/ST. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please do not hesitate to approach Dan Schapiro or another performer or staffer at any point during the night. Just be nice!!! ~ Unfortunately, Think Coffee is not currently wheelchair accessible, though construction in the next few months will hopefully change this. In the meantime, we are searching for a new, accessible venue to host more events in the future, so if you have any leads, please do inform us! ~ Gender-neutral bathrooms are available on site, as well as GF & vegan food options. ~ Please RSVP because space is limited!

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