Academic Honors: 2010 - 2016









Photo credits: National Museum of the American Indian (Left) Karajá ijasò mask & rattles ca.1930–1960. Bananal Island, Tocantins State, Brazil. (Right) Yup´ik hunting hat ca. 1870. Yukon River, Alaska. 


SUNY Empire State College

Albany, NY  | Oct 2016


*Academic Conference Presentation: A Call For Epistemological Diversity: A Comparison and Contrast of Indigenous Headdresses from the Karajá (Brazil) and Yup´ik (Alaska) Communities ​


*Workshop Description: Indigenous communities play key roles in environmentalism due to spending thousands of years developing knowledge of how to be stewards of the earth. Now the looming climate change refugee crisis and clashes over natural resources on their ancestral lands put them at the forefront of contemporary environmental struggles. Join an art history-inspired discussion to learn more and share resources. 

*Travel grant recipient








Photo credit: Presentation on the Undas Project by Irene Villaseñor (2015). 


Atlantic Center for the Arts

New Smyrna Beach, FL | Nov 2015​


*The ACA Master Artists-in-Residence Program brings together internationally acclaimed master artists from different disciplines with talented artists who are selected by the masters. During the residency, artists participate in informal sessions with their group, collaborate on projects, and work independently on their own projects. 


*Artist Residency with Natalia Almada, 2012 MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellow

*Description: Questions of narrative, objectivity/subjectivity, reality/truth/fabrication/falsification, memory/documentation… which are at the heart of film and photography will be used as a framework for discussion and point of intersection.

*Sally Hands Foundation Scholarship recipient









Photo credits: (Left) The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum. (Right) Cover of the Exhibition Catalogue Womanhouse (showing Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro). Design by Sheila de Bretteville. 

SUNY Empire State College

White Plains, NY | Oct 2010

*Academic Conference Presentation: Overcoming Barriers Against Women's Artistic Production

*Workshop Description: Learn how feminist art education intersects with feminist pedagogy, aesthetics, and psychology to produce in women artists the confidence to execute their ideas and professional ambitions despite the internal and external challenges they often face. Insights into the creative process, the artistic personality, and the insidious nature of institutional discrimination will be shared. ​


*Giving Voice Scholarship recipient

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